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THE LAST DIGITAL DAILIE! Who won the final four Veto?

For those of you who missed the prior announcement, today marks the final Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily of the season. We’ll never enjoy these as much as live feeds, mostly because they are intermittent and don’t always give the full picture.

The biggest thing the Dailies missed? We don’t think the nuances of the Anthony Bayleigh relationship was ever fully captured, one where since some early stumbles they have developed a cautious sort of trust. There has always been a tentativeness to the two of them and yet, at the same time, they did also find a lot of value in this relationship.

It was because of this that yesterday, Bayleigh did not nominate Anthony as HoH and went for Todd / Lexus instead. This was done without full knowledge that Dougie would almost certainly send out Todd and bring Lexus with him to final three, given the tightness of their bond.

Of course, everything did depend on the final four Veto, which really determines who has the power coming into the eviction. Who won it? Lexus! She’s almost certainly going to evict Todd, unless she has a revelation that Anthony is the person who is the more dangerous of the two. Granted, keeping Anthony means that she has an almost guaranteed shot at the final two, given that it makes sense for either Bayleigh or Anthony to take her at that point.

As for Todd, he had a good run with winning Vetoes as of late — unfortunately, he just couldn’t pull one of them out at the time he needed it the most.

Before we go!

Thanks for reading all of our Digital Daily updates this season! We’ve been here since season 1 and your support always means the world . We’ll have more coverage leading up to the finale.

What do you want to see through the rest of Big Brother Canada 12?

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Dee Por
Dee Por
May 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I want to see Lex take herself down, Anthony goes up and they send him out!!! He has served his purpose for all three of them. Also, thanks, Morty, for all the great blogs. I have missed many shows and even with only the tv shows and meager amount of digital dailies, you were able to fully cover the essence of the season. Thanks again.❤️

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