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The Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies from March 5

The Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies from March 5 show how Anthony attempts to navigate his first Head of Household. He’s playing a tricky game. The self-proclaimed Poutine Papi has made everyone feel comfortable with him. So much so, that the houseguests have no clue who he will nominate.

The women think he will target a man, and the men think he will target a woman. Victoria is the only player who has a bit of an idea about Anthony’s plans. He’s been the most transparent with her. However, Victoria and Anthony seem true to their final two deal, but they’re making sure to have eggs in many baskets.

Victoria is already one of the centers of the Big Sisters alliance. Anthony wanted to start a men’s alliance but now seems to focus his attention on a few men. That includes Matt and Vivek. It could also include Tola, which presents a major problem for him. The women seem to want Tola to become this week’s target and evictee.

However, Anthony has a long discussion with him that makes it seem like Tola isn’t his target. However, the major issue with the Digital Dailies is the limits of what we’re shown. Anthony could have done this so that Tola isn’t on alert when he goes on the block. According to a few other conversations, Tola still seems to suspect he will be nominated this week, or he has told people this to throw them off and gain information.

Big Brother Canada 12-Anthony Digital Dailies

The only name Anthony mentioned was Janine. He told Victoria that he was considering nominating her because she had not approached him with any game talks. But, in one conversation with Bayleigh and Avery, Janine mentioned the possibility of bringing Anthony to the final four with them.

Bayleigh shut the idea down immediately. She said he could be in the top 8 but she’s dedicated to an all-women’s final seven. Bayleigh is very much pushing the idea that if the women don’t stick together, Canada will not think kindly of them.

She doesn’t want to make the same mistake as people in the past by turning on each other. Her speech seems to have worked on Avery, and maybe some other women, because they also don’t want to look foolish by turning on other women.

However, some of the women know that the odds of them all making it to the final seven are not great. Therefore, they begin planning beyond the seven and considering other options. Kayla and Victoria specifically considered forming a final four with them, Anthony, and Avery because of them all being brown people.

They also considered adding Lexus and making it a final five. Kayla pointed out that this would still give them great odds of a woman winner. Avery is also down for this alliance, but she wants the women’s alliance as the main priority, if they can all make it to the final five without having to get the blood on their hands by taking out any of the women personally, she’s on board.

This may be where Anthony plans his true allegiance (beyond his final two with Victoria). However, he seems to want to pull Matt in close as a potential ally. That also presents a problem for Anthony, because the women mentioned not connecting with Tola and Matt.

Anthony even advised Matt to try to get closer to all the women and to attempt to charm them up to better his game. Speaking of charming it up. The only potential showmance so far may involve the current Head of Household. Donna and he are allegedly flirty. She apparently mentioned to Avery the idea of playing on Anthony’s emotions if necessary for the game.

Avery took this information to Victoria and then to Anthony. This may make him hesitant to take their flirtmance any further. This set of Digital Dailies kept us fairly in the dark on who Anthony plans to nominate, but tomorrow’s Digital Dailies should reveal his nominations.

BBCAN12 Matt and Anthony

Based on the information we do have, it seems like Tola and Janine will be his nominees, with Janine being his target. However, this doesn’t seem like a set plan yet, so there could be different nominates tomorrow. Plus, Janine will likely be very upset if she goes on the block. This may upset the other women as well, so it will depend on whether Anthony wants to play it as safe as possible this week.

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