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Summary week 2 nominations!

Rather than learning about them on Digital Dailies, this was a reveal that took place during last night episode!

Movie 1 Vivek Wants To Be Better Than The Pretty Boys

Just in case you do want a refresher here, Victoria was the winner in the most-recent Head of Household competition, which was a frustrating one to watch in that it could easily be a popularity contest. Sure, you can argue that it helped to show who was in a good spot and who wasn’t, but it did not do Vivek any favors. From the moment that comp happened, he knew that he was in danger. That was confirmed in some of the conversations after the fact, including a heated argument that happened between him and Bayleigh. At one point they had an East Coast bond going, but that fell apart for a whole multitude of reasons, including her need to distance herself.

Movie 2 Whoah so Vivek was telling the truth.

So who was up against Vivek on the block last night?

Think Elijah, though it seems to be now mostly as a pawn. The important thing to remember with Victoria right now is that her priorities in the game right now are simply. She has her bond with Kayla, Lexus, Anthony, and Avery within her Hot Chocolate alliance, and then there is also her final-two deal with Anthony. They’ve got a bond outside the game and that will carry them far.

For Vivek, this is a situation where it feels like his path forward in the game is really not that complicated. He just has to figure out a way to win the Veto and if that happens, there will be more of a chance to reset the game for him. Also, from an entertainment standpoint the show is typically more fun when the Veto is used, we don’t really want a repeat of last week where the nominations were kept the same and Janine’s eviction could be seen from a mile away.

Movie 3 The Spicy HOH Room

Movie 4 Vivek had no chance

Movie 5 Spicy just kick started world war 3

Movie 6 Spicy got a visit from her Big Bro!

Movie7 It's official elijah becomes the Pawn

What did you think about the nominations this week in the Big Brother Canada 12 house?

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