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Summary tonight’s Episode 26!

Was tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode the end of the road for Victoria Woghiren? She entered the game as a massive target, and she can take credit for dominating a certain percentage of the game. She won HoH multiple times, built alliances, and had people repeatedly saying that they trusted her more than anyone.

With this being said, Victoria did have one particularly weak point in her game this time around: Her own tight ally in Anthony, who watched her all season and repeatedly kept note of things he could use against her. Were there trust issues when it comer to her allies? Sure, but we tend to think personally that Anthony simply realized over time that she’d be hard to beat at the end. Getting Spicy Vee out not was a way to increase his odds if he makes it there, even if he may have a slightly harder road in getting there with people like Bayleigh and Todd.

There was still a theoretical chance that Bayleigh and Todd could ignore Dougie and try to keep Victoria in the game as a shield or, to go after Anthony herself. However, it is a little late in the season to be relying on shields and they knew it. You have an opportunity here to get rid of an enormous threat and with that, it would be silly not to take advantage.

In the end, we did see Spicy get evicted but she still managed to cause a lot of fireworks along the way. She gave a speech that was one for the ages, completely tearing apart Anthony’s game in the process. Could this turn out to be a huge mistake for him to get rid of her? It’s possible, but he also tried to prepare people in advance by saying that she wouldn’t do whatever she could in order to win. We still think that he needs the final four Veto it would be silly for others not to target him, given his resume.

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