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So where do things stand at the moment? Well, over the weekend Dinis won the first Power of Veto of the season, and he opted not to use it — so no real drama there. Avery and Janine are going to remain on the block, and it looks clear to us that the latter is going to be the person who is departing the house later this week.

Yesterday, we claimed that Janine was starting to enter the acceptance phase of her time in the competition and for the time being, it does feel as though she is now diverting back to anger. She feels like she got played and doesn’t deserve to be the target — and yet, here we are. She was unlucky in that Anthony won the first HoH and started to hear about a women’s alliance the last thing he will want is to keep someone around who feels like, in some capacity, they could be a ringleader of it. Hence, him making this particular move.

Meanwhile, we should note that despite Anthony’s hopes of having an easy week and escaping things unscathed, there are still people targeting him. Bayleigh has made that abundantly clear, and she’s also told Spicy Vee a lot about her desire to get a man out of the game next. We’re not altogether sure that is information that we’d pass along, but okay

Anyhow, moving forward Vee and Anthony do still seem to be working together closely, and some of the women may be on the cusp of turning on each other. There are some frustrations with Lexus and moving forward, we would look at her alongside Vivek who has been labeled as untrustworthy by Anthony already as possible targets depending on who gets into power next.

As a side note, it is SO obnoxious that there is a massive Infiniti car right in the middle of one of the rooms. If there’s one thing that Big Brother Canada loves, it is sponsorships!

What do you think should happen on the Big Brother Canada 12 Veto Ceremony?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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Mar 12

Janine has to go. Then, they all reset and settle in.

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