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Summary of today's Digital Daily!

Anthony and Victoria have been united for the past few weeks. However, their game union has never been perfect, but this week seems like a turning point. Anthony and Victoria both have alpha personalities. This makes them clash. Victoria wants to run the game, and Anthony wants to run the game. Victoria just happens to have the upper hand (at the moment) by having more allies.

And if Victoria sticks to her plan this week, she will take away another of Anthony’s biggest teammates. This is where the power struggle lies this week. Anthony wants to keep Matt in the game but Victoria thinks it’s time to take him out. Currently, Matt is on his way out of the Big Brother Canada 12 doors.

Bayleigh, Kayla, Todd, and Victoria all plan to vote to evict him. Tola, Lexus, and Anthony plan to vote to keep him. Originally, Victoria acted unsure of her vote. She told people on Anthony’s side that she would vote out Elijah. She told people on her side that she would vote out Matt.

Then, she finally admitted to Anthony’s side that she would likely vote out Matt. She only offered them her vote if Matt could convince that side to vote to keep him. Victoria knows the difficulty of that goal. Kayla and Bayleigh have no plans to keep Matt. Todd gave his loyalty to Victoria, so he would only flip if she told him to do it. Matt and Anthony don’t realize yet that Todd is completely on the other side. They think they can get his vote.

Anthony and Victoria got into a bit of an argument over her plan to vote Matt out. Victoria believes she’s been making moves that benefit Anthony but not herself. Anthony pushed back on this claim and said he’s been trying to help her game too. Victoria argued that if the goal is to get Hot Chocolate to the end, why should it matter if they take out Matt now?

Lexus mentioned her connection with Matt. She feels she can control him for Hot Chocolate. She also wants him in the house because she enjoys his company. Victoria also told Lexus how she’s been warned about spending too much time with Matt, and how that has created a division between Hotter Chocolate and her.

Once Anthony realized Victoria wasn’t voting to keep Matt, he began slandering her name to his allies. He also showed that he completely knew Victoria’s game. He mentioned her playing both sides. He also knew she was probably slandering his name to the other side, as she does to them to him.

He became angry that he trusted Victoria because he could no longer believe her. Now, whether they nominate each other when given the chance is up in the air. However, their alliance seems too broken to return to staying true to their final two deal. I can see both of them not directly nominating each other if they win Head of Household, but I can also see them setting each of their sides up to take out the other one.

Victoria will probably make sure Kayla, Bayleigh, or Todd go after Anthony next week. He will probably make sure Tola or Lexus make a move to evict Victoria. Elijah is still in the middle. Todd believes he has him now, but Anthony had him first. Elijah is the one player who remains a wild card in this game.

The Anthony vs. Victoria war has begun. We’ll have to wait to see who lands on top when Big Brother Canada 12 ends. On the other hand, going after each other may be the move that destroys both of their games.

Make sure to tune in tonight for another Big Brother Canada 12 episode.

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