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Summary of today's Digital Daily!

Honestly, I expected this Big Brother Canada 12 week to be boring. Elijah would stick to the safe nominations of Tola and Todd, then Todd would go. However, things have played out standardly on the surface. Elijah made safe moves. It’s just been a messy ride to the end. It all started to get chaotic when the Power of Veto Competition happened.

However, things have been messy with The Directors for a while. The trust doesn’t exist within the whole group. There are separate fractions that trust each other, but they don’t trust the other part. Elijah has basically been in the middle of The Directors. Avery, Victoria, and Kayla trust each other, and Anthony, Matt, and Lexus have trust. Victoria, Avery, and Kayla often discuss trying to evict Matt to separate the showmance and weaken some of Anthony’s game.

On the recent set of Digital Dailies, we learned that Matt also doesn’t quite feel loyalty to the group. He especially doesn’t trust Kayla. Tola and Todd may seem inconsequential to this alliance because they’re not in it. However, both see this eviction as a major turning point. If Tola stays, the women feel like Anthony, Matt, and Lexus have control.

If Todd stays, Matt and Anthony see this as the women declaring war. Elijah wants Tola gone because he just seems like the better player. In one of his meetings with Elijah, Matt decided to try to hint that Avery, Victoria, and Lexus couldn’t be completely trusted. Elijah picked up on this hint and immediately told it to Avery, Kayla, and Victoria because he felt closer to them.

They even discussed forming a new alliance called The Union, a play on the idea of Hollywood and unions in that movie field. Kayla wanted to push for Matt to go up on the block, but seemed to decide against it. However, when discussing how Matt has been planting seeds of targeting her, the conversations between Kayla, Avery, Elijah, and Victoria mentioned the potential to take out Matt this week via the backdoor.

It was an idea they played around with, but Elijah never seemed fully on board because of the potential consequences of such a huge statement move. Lexus won the Power of Veto, and Elijah wanted her to use it. At first, he was completely set on nominating Bayleigh. However, he started to see the potential of taking out Vivek. This meant that either way one of Matt’s allies went home. He wanted Lexus to save Todd so that he could nominate either Bayleigh or Vivek. Then the house could decide between one of them or Tola.

We didn’t see this on the Digital Dailies, but Lexus claimed that Bayleigh warned her that Elijah wanted to put Matt on the block. If she used the Veto, he could go up. Therefore, Lexus became too afraid to use it. She decided not to use the Veto. After the POV Ceremony, Lexus explained why she didn’t use the it.

Elijah was shocked to hear about his backdoor Matt plan. He then started to piece together that Kayla, Avery, and Victoria must have played him. They must have used the Matt discussion to tell Bayleigh, who told Lexus. Elijah went on a rampage of information. He told Lexus how Victoria and Kayla were the ones who pushed this idea and played him.

Lexus told Matt what Elijah said, and he told Victoria. Elijah went into save his game mode. He told Anthony what happened, told Matt, and didn’t want to talk to Victoria. Anthony calmed him down. Meanwhile, Victoria became angry and declared war on Elijah. He became her new target.

Because of this, she also made him the house’s next target. Matt, Victoria, Avery, Kayla, and Lexus then just discussed Elijah’s crazy gameplay and how he needed to go out of the game next. Elijah is in a lot of trouble next week because he has gone to the bottom of his alliance. Vivekalso remains in danger, but Elijah has become a huge target. The Directors also seem on life support because the fractions secretly want to go after each other, and they want to use others to make the move.

This upcoming eviction between Todd and Tola is more important than initially seemed.

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