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Summary of today's Digital Daily!

We woke up this morning expecting to learn who won the week 2 Power of Veto in the latest Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily. What did we learn instead?


Well, let’s just say that it is something that we absolutely did not expect: A change in target for Head of Household Victoria. It seemed like Vivek was going to be a huge target for almost everyone now, it has switched over to Donna. Why her? Well, she has come across as shady here and there to some of the women in the house, and clearly she’s annoying Victoria enough to try and make a change.


With this being said, we do tend to think that making this move now is a mistake for Spicy Vee, since you run the risk of making an enemy out of Bayleigh, who clearly wants Vivek out. Also, it shows that you may be a little bit indecisive and that goes along with the other reasons why she could be targeted in the game as a returning player. What could be interesting is if some of the East Coast players are able to rally back together after the chaos this week.

Also, is Donna really that big of a threat to her game right now? Sure, she’s talked about potentially targeting Lexus one of Victoria’s allies, but so has Victoria!


Where is the Veto winner?

Well, our hope is that the next Digital Daily update will reveal it. We anticipated that both of them were going to be uploaded this morning but that didn’t happen, and this leaves us hoping for something more a little bit later today. There are scenarios here where Victoria may not even be able to put her plan into action. For now, Vivek is still on the block alongside Elijah.







What do you think the plan is going to be coming up on Big Brother Canada 12 this week?

Share right now in the attached comments!

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