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Summary of Digital Daily. Is Spicy’s fate sealed?!

As we get ourselves prepared for the next Big Brother Canada 12 eviction show, should we go ahead and assume that Spicy is done?


We are ultimately curious to learn more about how the editors are going to present the situation at hand, given that this is one of the more complicated ones we’ve seen all season. For a quick refresher, Todd won the Veto and of course saved himself. Meanwhile, Anthony nominated Victoria and her fate seems to be sealed. He managed to get Bayleigh and Todd to turn on her fully, meaning that he’s going to get what he wants.


Was this a perfect week for Anthony? Honestly, no. He seems to think he can control Bayleigh more than he can and with that, his ego got a little bit in the way. This move should still work for him, but leaving Lexus off the block would’ve helped to ensure there was no funny business.


There is still a chance that Spicy turns things around and assured Bayleigh / Todd that if she stays, she is fully with them and is after Anthony. We do think that she wanted to stay loyal to him before this, but we still don’t blame Dougie for taking the shot, all things considered. Spicy is the most dangerous person left, and she would win if she makes it to the final two. It’s a risk, but it also merits the highest reward. That’s why it may still make sense for Todd and Bayleigh to go ahead and take her out.

What these two now need to focus on is this: Winning the final four Veto. If they can do this, Anthony could be a goner. This is nowhere near as secure a situation for him as he had with the Pretty Boys.


If Bayleigh can manage to get out Anthony, she becomes the most likely winner and honestly, she’d deserve it after what she’s overcome this season and being a frequent target.

Do you think Spicy is done in Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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