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Summary of Digital Daily and Tonight's Show Episode!

Avery finds herself on the brink of eviction. With Todd choosing not to use the Veto, Avery’s chances of staying in the game are not great. The odds are not in her favor this Big Brother Canada 12 week. However, Avery remains very hopeful that she will not leave on Wednesday.

This hope stems from her general demeanor about the game. She tries to stay positive and confident. However, she falsely believes that Anthony and Lexus will remain true to Hot Chocolate, but they have no real reason to remain loyal to her. She took out one of their biggest allies when she nominated Matt.

Then she made the first move against Hot Chocolate by nominating Kayla. That ship has sailed but Avery tries to believe in the end, they’ll pick her over Bayleigh. Her actions against Matt and especially Kayla have shown that she’s not a trustworthy ally. Victoria knows Avery doesn’t have a good chance of staying in the house. Instead of revealing this to her, Victoria has been encouraging Avery to continue to fight.

This is a good thing because you can never give up in the game of Big Brother. However, keeping Avery in the dark for too long could cause a negative outcome. This is the jury portion of Big Brother Canada 12, which means how you send someone out matters. They could vote for or against you depending on their feelings after their eviction. The houseguests are playing with fire.

The Digitial Dailies have only shown what happened up to Monday in the Big Brother Canada house. Therefore, by today, Avery may be more aware of her impending eviction. Victoria did try to warn Avery that she could be evicted this week. She hinted that things may not go as they want with this upcoming eviction.

Meanwhile, Bayleigh has been planning for the future and solidifying her relationship with Anthony and Lexus more. Todd has been doing the same with Tola. Everyone seems aware of Avery’s eviction but Avery. From what we’ve seen on the Digitial Dailies, Anthony and Lexus have not wavered on their decision to evict Avery this week.

Instead, they have noticed how Victoria is trying to divide them from Tola, and trying to make sure they target him and Todd over her in the upcoming evictions.

Avery is the type of player who doesn’t give up. This is refreshing because we saw Janine and Kayla basically not fight their hardest to stay when their backs were against the wall. Therefore, even if Avery learns that she doesn’t have the votes, she will probably continue to fight for her game. It’s now up to the houseguests to not anger her before sending her to the jury, or maybe she can manage to flip a couple of votes in her favor and stay in the house.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out tomorrow.

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Apr 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think Bayleigh will be staying. I’m still hoping Todd will survive the double eviction. Maybe send Alexus home.. 👍

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