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Summary of Digital Daily and Power of Veto Ceremony!

Big Brother Canada 12 nears its first (and likely only) double eviction. With Bayleigh and Avery on the block, one seemed destined to become the first victim of it. However, as usual, the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony could greatly alter the week.

Bayeligh, Avery, and Victoria schemed to keep their trio together. They wanted Todd on the block. Then they could ensure that he went to the jury instead of any of them. They just need Avery or Bayeligh off the block. Plus, they had to make sure Tola nominated Todd instead of Victoria. Todd is a bit of an anxious player, as is Bayleigh, so he’s been frantic about his possible eviction this week. He needed constant reassurance.

This has caused Victoria’s annoyance with him. She now wants Todd out badly. This week wasn’t looking good for him, especially if Avery won the Power of Veto. As we saw on Sunday’s episode, Anthony has grown close with Bayleigh. He wants to keep her in the house over Avery. Bayleigh would likely stay whether Todd or Avery sat next to her on Wednesday.

Whether it became Todd’s eviction or Avery’s depended on the Veto

BBCAN12 Week 8 Power of Veto Results

Todd won the Power of Veto

BBCAN12 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

Todd did not use the Veto. Avery and Bayleigh remain on the block.

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Todd wins Veto

Ultimately, Bayleigh seems more preoccupied with keeping Victoria safe than herself. She didn’t pressure Todd to use the Veto to save her. She only made a last minute suggestion that it didn’t matter if Victoria went on the block if they were both supposedly safe. However, Victoria entered the conversation before Bayleigh really tried to change Todd’s mind in the last few hours before the Power of Veto Ceremony. Todd decided not to use the Veto because he also credited Victoria with saving him with the Executive Veto. He would also make two people mad saving Bayleigh.

Todd would make Tola mad because he disrupted his HOH reign by forcing him to nominate someone else, and he would anger Victoria by getting her on the block. All week, Victoria sweated about the possibility of being backdoored. However, she, Anthony, and Todd all played in the Veto. Therefore, a backdoor was nullified this week, unless Lexus (the only person to not play in the Veto) was nominated and evicted.

Now that Bayleigh and Avery are on the block, officially, Victoria is telling Avery and Bayleigh that she plans to vote to keep them. However, we know that Avery is her true final two. She spoke to Avery about working to flip the votes to save her.

Power of Veto Week 8 Ceremony Bayleigh and Avery

Lexus and Anthony hold the cards this week. They plan to vote out Avery. I don’t see that changing because Anthony knows how much Avery is in Victoria’s pocket. Additionally, Lexus still has a vendetta against Avery for Matt’s eviction. It would be sweet revenge if she got Kayla out and then took out Avery back-to-back. But anything can happen in Big Brother. We’ll have to see how the rest of the week plays out. Avery could find a way to stay in the game. If Avery leaves this week, the game has really flipped in Anthony’s favor. His winning chances are rapidly increasing as we head into the final weeks.

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