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Summary of Digital Daily!

Who won the final five Power of Veto in the Big Brother Canada 12 house? Today’s Digital Daily gave us the much-needed info.

Let’s start off here, of course, with a refresher of the plan. Head of Household Anthony nominated Lexus and Todd for eviction, and hoped that he would have a chance to nominate Spicy following the Veto. Everyone else was aware of the plan, so there were no surprises among the newbies.


Was this a good plan? Honestly, it’s not great for Anthony that he kept Bayleigh off the block since she could win Veto and easily change her mind. Yet, credit to her for actually swaying Anthony, something that does not happen all that much in this game. She deserves some credit for that.

Now, let’s get into what happened, shall we? Todd once again won the Veto and with that, of course removed himself from the block. This then led to Anthony being able to make his big move: Spicy Vee is now up and pending a last-minute flip, she will be evicted from the game. Spicy has done a really good job all season of working people socially she’s been an obvious threat for weeks, but nobody wanted to take the shot. Anthony recognized that he would probably lose to her in the final two, so he made the move and turned her allies against her. It is another reminder of just how great he is.


Of course, here is the big risk with the move. Bayleigh won’t take him to the end, and we certainly don’t think Todd will, either. He is going to need to win his way to final two unless Lexus sticks with him. The big difference between this and his last season? If he makes it there, he wins.

What did you want to see happen with the final five Veto on Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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