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Summary of Digital Daily!

This could be an interesting week in the Big Brother Canada 12 house. Anthony finally has one of his close allies in power. He could let the week play out as the Head of Household wants, or maneuver it to betray his biggest ally and threat in the game. It’s another week where the Veto could be critical.

For the week, Head of Household Tola has one major goal: evict Avery. We could see a rather predictable week in a fairly unpredictable season, or it could continue the pattern of unpredictability. It could also keep up the image of the season where players take out their allies. However, if Avery manages to save herself, things could get interesting.

This Big Brother Canada 12 week has a couple of potential outcomes. The first is that nominations stay the same and Avery could become the third member of the Big Brother Canada 12 jury. Victoria seemingly envisions Avery as her final two. This means she will likely vote out Bayleigh over Avery. Anthony and Lexus are still bitter about Matt’s eviction, so they’ll probably also vote out Avery. Todd will vote out Avery. This means that Avery has a high potential of getting evicted if she stays on the block this week.

If Avery comes off the block, Tola’s current plan is to nominate Todd as her replacement. If he sticks with it, Todd is likely the first victim of the double eviction. Victoria and Avery will vote out Todd over Bayleigh. I also think Lexus and Anthony will vote out Todd over Bayleigh. Anthony seems to have a closer game relationship with Bayleigh than Todd.

Lexus will follow the majority and also vote out Todd. If Lexus and Anthony decide to tie the vote by voting out Bayleigh over Todd, then Tola is highly likely to break the tie and keep Todd. Another potential outcome for the week is Victoria goes up on the block.

If Victoria ends up on the block, it’s because of Anthony. I can’t see him then voting to keep her. The trust would be nearly irreparable. Therefore, if she ends up on the block, she’s likely going to be evicted. Anthony (while alone) teased the possibility of this move. He mentioned that he could make a good or bad move this week.

By bad, he seemed to mean a risky move, instead of a safe one. He’s been hinting to Tola to not forget who didn’t have their back the week that Matt left. He seems to be implying that Victoria should be a nomination option. If Anthony makes this move against Victoria, it could tank both of their games. If she goes, it gives Avery, Bayleigh, and even Todd, the ammunition they need to go after him. With so few people, they would also have the votes to evict him, especially because he’s likely nominated next to his biggest allies: Lexus or Tola. However, it still may be a risk that Anthony might take.

Tola already told Lexus and Avery that Todd goes up if nominations change. He also basically told Todd the same thing. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if nominations change and if Tola ends up nominating Todd or Victoria this week.

Join us on Monday to find out who wins the Power of Veto and if nominations change.

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