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Summary of Digital Daily!

If you ever doubted Anthony’s influence on this game, this week solidified that he’s actually playing the best game. It seemed like Victoria had surpassed him as the best player of Big Brother Canada 12. But nope, Anthony spun it around back in his favor. Anthony figured out her game completely and used it to his advantage. Currently, Victoria has become another player he can manipulate. And Avery is a player that Victoria can easily manipulate in the Big Brother Canada 12 game. This all meant bad news for Kayla.

She really had no chance once she gave Anthony a kernel of information, and he knew it was her or his perfect final two Lexus. Anthony 100 percent deserves the credit for making this move to get Kayla out. It’s probably the move that wins him Big Brother Canada 12.

As we saw on the recent Big Brother Canada 12 episode, Victoria decided to evict Lexus, but Anthony couldn’t let that happen. He knew Lexus was one of the people that would take him to the end. He needed her for game survival. Before Elijah left the game, he told Kayla that Victoria would win if she sat next to anyone in the finale.

Kayla shared this information with Anthony (and a few other people) but refused to tell Victoria. Anthony used this as ammo to turn the target from Lexus to Kayla. Prior to the Veto Competition, Bayleigh and Victoria discussed Kayla being shifty this week. They also didn’t like that Kayla was pushing for Todd to go over Tola. They thought this was weird since Tola was the one who nominated her in the Movie Night Massacre

Bayleigh and Victoria said that either Lexus or Kayla needed to go, but they were leaning towards a Lexus blindside. After Bayleigh won the Veto, Victoria worked on getting Avery and Bayleigh on board with taking out Kayla.

Bayleigh pushed back against this idea. She thought Lexus needed to go first because of Lexus’s ties to Anthony. She thought everyone would take out Kayla, but no one would touch Lexus, especially not the men. It seemed like the best move to get out Lexus this week and let anyone take out Kayla next week.

Meanwhile, Victoria was pumping up Avery to go after Kayla. Anthony began to do the same, and he coached Lexus on what to say to turn Avery and Victoria totally against Kayla. He also told her that the women were considering her as a replacement nominee. Lexus and Anthony worked to influence Avery and Victoria.

Victoria worked to influence Avery. Anthony and Lexus convinced Avery and Victoria that Kayla was plotting against them. She switched sides and wanted to target them. They got Bayleigh on board by exposing that Kayla wanted to backdoor Bayleigh this week. This is true but she was doing it to protect Hot Chocolate. She thought Bayleigh figured them out.

Additionally, Kayla was trying to rebuild her relationship with Lexus after the Matt eviction. This meant she was talking a lot more game with Lexus. Lexus and Anthony used the information Kayla gave Lexus to spin it to help get her out.

Once Kayla got on the block, the first Big Brother Canada 12 house meeting happened. Kayla tried to defend herself, but Anthony and Lexus continued to twist her words and conversations. Avery and Victoria chose to believe them over Kayla

Bayleigh also confronted Kayla about planning to backdoor her. Kayla didn’t want to expose Hot Chocolate, so she couldn’t explain why that was her plan. Then it came out that Kayla thought Todd was really the one to nominate her in the Movie Night Massacre. This is why she wanted him out over Tola.

Kayla not spending that much time with Victoria and Avery this week also led to her demise. Avery and Victoria felt like Kayla’s energy was weird this week. Bayleigh felt the same. This made it easy for others to plant the seed of Kayla playing both sides and targeting Victoria and Avery. Elijah being such a fan of Kayla also made the house worry.

They thought he would be too much of a cheerleader for her on the jury. This meant he could influence the next jurors to vote for her to win. They also saw her competition win potential.

Kayla will have a hard time saving herself this week. She’s likely about to become the second juror and join Elijah for a few days until the next jurors come into the game. It would take a lot to flip Bayleigh, Victoria, and Todd to take out Tola over Kayla. She has no hope with Anthony and Lexus, especially how much they plotted against her this week.

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