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Summary Episode15!

Entering tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode, we knew that there was a chance for some particularly messy things to happen. Remember that Vivek left after one of the most chaotic shows ever, and following that, it was confirmed via the Digital Dailies that Avery won Head of Household.

With all of this in mind, let’s now get to the subject that we were desperate to get an answer on: Who was put on the block? It felt like there were a small list of possibilities here, with Elijah a.k.a. Goose feeling like a pretty obvious choice. Beyond that, the decision came down to whether you want to take a shot at Anthony with Tola or Matt; or, if you just put up Todd as a safe choice since he is such an easy target.

Avery had a lot to think about during this episode, and she was also pitched about a dozen or so different possibilities along the way. So, what did she end up deciding? Well, let’s just say that Goose was the first choice, not that this was a shock. Meanwhile, the second her was Tola, who pretended to have a certain element of excitement about it. The two battled it out in the Veto this weekend, and we’ll see what happens when the results come out in the next Digital Daily.

We do hope that there is going to be a chance to see some really fun stuff over the next few days given that for now, this feels like Avery playing it far too safe. Sure, this won’t make her into a target, but is she just helping Spicy Vee for down the line? Remember that Anthony and her are the true final two in the game, and they continue to play everyone to a certain extent. (Even if you take out one of Anthony’s numbers, he still has others.)

What do you think about the week 5 nominations on Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to let us know in the attached comments!

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