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Summary Episode12!

We had a good feeling entering tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode who some of the nominees were going to be for the week. Elijah was Head of Household, after all, and it was hard to really imagine him doing all that much when it comes to angering Anthony or the other power players.

On the surface, it felt like Bayleigh and Todd were the easy choices, especially since they were on the outside of some core alliances and Bayleigh is someone that a lot of people wanted out last week. However, things did end up changing and Tola and Todd are now on the block! Sure, it is possible that Bayleigh could end up being on the block as a replacement nominee, but we will have to wait and see on that.

There is certainly a case that Tola could end up being evicted this week, largely due to the fact that he is someone who certain people have targeted for a rather long time. He certainly fought hard to try and stay off the block and yet, it still didn’t happen. We honestly do feel better about his chances of winning Veto than Todd, who has played this game in far too casual a fashion so far.

While the idea of an Anthony steamroll is still possible and somewhat frustrating, we will say this this is a curious week in that we don’t think that any person we’ve mentioned so far is for sure leaving. There is a lot of flux in what could happen and this may be a big week in terms of who some of the most influential people are in the game. That may be a hard thing to figure out!

The funniest thing so far this season is simply this: The person who has been predicted to be the winner every week by the previous evictee has gone home soon after. Dinis picked Tola, so we’ll see what happens.

What do you think about the nominations tonight on Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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