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Summary Episode11

We went into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 eviction show expecting the worst when it comes to Dinis Freitas’ fate in the game. Afterall, how could we feel that confident?

For starters, just think for a moment about everything that we had seen over the days leading up to it. For starters, Vivek gets pressured into nominating him after Kayla used the Veto on Bayleigh, despite the two being super-close for a significant chunk of the game. It did seem like some of Dinis’ campaign was effective, but there remained a big problem: Victoria. Spicy Vee has shown over the past couple of weeks that Anthony is her #1 in the game, and she clued him in recently on the Digital Dailies that the women were looking to take out Elijah.

The moment we saw that, it was more or less the kiss of death for Dinis in the game. Sure, we’re down for surprises, but 100% we were rooting for him over Elijah a.k.a. Goose, who just isn’t bringing much from a drama point of view. We watch to be surprised!

We will at least say this: Dinis did a really good job of fighting for his life and made some compelling arguments as to why he should stay.

So, what actually happened?

Dinis’ speech was powerful and profound. Unfortunately, we knew he was cooked the moment that we saw that Bayleigh cast a vote to evict him. This was not moving in a good direction at all!

Dinis is gone from the game but honestly, he was remarkable to watch. He has to be one of our favorite pre-jury votes that we’ve had on the show for a long time, but his big undoing was pretty much him winning too much early and being established as a big-time threat.

After choosing to break our hearts with this past eviction, Big Brother Canada decided today to be nice to us and give us an HoH winner. We know that sometimes, they save some of this stuff for the Sunday shows but that did not happen here (thankfully).

Instead, we got a classic Q&A competition here that was all about who studied the trophies in the house the best knowledge of the show clearly helped in this sort of situation and yet, we like that you could’ve figured it out even if you went into the game as a relative newbie. (It’s different than what we saw on Survivor earlier tonight for that very reason.)

As for who needed to win this the most, that was hard to figure out since Dinis was a big, consensus target. However, we think Elijah wanted it big-time after being the pawn for two straight weeks. He won it, and proceeded to then lose his mind. He honestly seemed confident that he was going to nail this for the entirety of the competition, and we just hope that he does something great and not altogether boring with the power.

Unfortunately, here is the problem the man otherwise known as “Goose” has been close to Anthony at times, which makes us think that he will really be in control and this will be an excuse to just go ahead and get Bayleigh out of the game. We know that there are some concerns over Lexus right now getting close to Matthew, but that would put Anthony in a tough spot since if it looks like he wants her gone, that could be trouble for the Hot Chocolate alliance.

There could be some interesting scenarios this week and yet, it still feels like a steamroll is coming for the vets.

What do you think about the latest Head of Household winner on Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back there are more updates coming.

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