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Summary Episode 20!

We went into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode fully expecting to see Kayla Clennon evicted from the game, based largely on recent events.

Also, it is pretty clear that we have to give Anthony credit for her hitting the block in the first place. He realized that Lexus was in danger, and he didn’t want to see her gone from the game just yet — likely realizing that she could make moves that he doesn’t want to make directly later. He threw Kayla under the bus for talking about Victoria, and then Spicy went and told Avery. they conspired to make the move happen and after Bayleigh won Veto and saved Todd, that opened the door for this plan to go into motion.

The moment Kayla hit the block, the plan was largely decided. Still, we expected to see Kayla fight versus Tola to find a way to stay put in the house. She tried to profess innocence over some of the things that she said, but it was largely ignored.

The best evidence of this is rather simple: Kayla was evicted unanimously. This marks the formal end of the Hot Chocolate alliance, and we do wonder if this is a move that certain people are going to come to regret. It does end up making things so much more chaotic and by virtue of that, we can’t predict too much of where things are going to go from here. Avery can’t be Head of Household moving forward and with that, we absolutely think that she could be vulnerable. The same goes for Spicy Vee, depending of course on how she chooses to play some of her cards.

Who do you think is the likely winner? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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