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Summary Episode 19!

Updated: Apr 18

Summary Episode 18!

At this point in Big Brother Canada 12, everything is moving quickly and each competition win matters more than ever before.

Just a mere matter of minutes after Elijah’s eviction tonight, the show moved forward with the next Head of Household Competition. Who needed the power? Well, a lot of people, but especially Todd and Tola more than anyone else. Their decisions during the Movie Night Massacre made them vulnerable, as did the fact that the Hot Chocolate alliance has dominated much of the game. Sure, there is some dissension in the ranks, but they’ve also stuck together so far.

Of course, it also helps that they have dominated most of the HoH wins so far this season. Avery had the power before the Massacre, Spicy Vee had it for a brief period of time, and now Avery has it all over again. If we are being honest here, this was not even a difficult win for her. She dominated the puzzle-themed competition, and this allowed her to potentially get a little bit of vengeance. Of course, she also could have decided to make another move that was a little more game-altering.

Let’s put it this way Anthony felt 100% safe and even threw the HoH Competition it would be an interesting choice to get him out now.

The nominees

Well, like we said, this was not all that hard of a decision for Avery to make. Todd and Tola are the nominees and there’s a pretty good chance that one of them are going to be evicted. Heck, she made it clear that both were here targets, which was an interesting move since one of them will end up staying in the game.

Avery said shortly after the fact that she wants this HoH to go smoothly which to us probably means that it won’t. We got confirmation of that when both Lexus and Kayla were both thrown under the bus by other people.

What did you think about Avery winning the next Head of Household in Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the comments!

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