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Summary Episode 18!

Who won the next HoH within the Big Brother Canada 12 house? Does it matter as much as usual?

Well, let’s just say this when you are dealing with Movie Night Massacre, nothing is as it typically is and we’ve got further evidence of that within. Victoria was named Head of Household, and within that, Kayla and Avery were the nominees not that she had a traditional level of control with a lot of it. With Movie Night Massacre, HoH is almost more of a figurehead position, and in the end, Victoria can just be happy that Kayla managed to win safety with the Veto and we’ll see where things go from here.

We should also commend Bayleigh on winning safety here, yet another reminder that this is season is one for the ages when it comes to providing a nice mixture of entertainment as well as craziness. Isn’t this the sort of mix that we should really want at the end of the day? We tend to think so.

This night was epic and perfectly themed with all the great horror movie references. If there is any criticism we have in general, it is this: Why so short? Where was the eviction that was hyped up? It is a bummer that this didn’t happen. Still, let’s just breathe easy and know that there’s a lot more great stuff coming, and we just hope that this means that there was really just too much great content to throw within a single episode.

At least Big Brother Canada is trying new things while working to make people paranoid. Even if not every twist under the sun lands, we absolutely give them credit for going for it.

What did you think about the events of Movie Night Massacre Big Brother Canada 12, from the vibe to the decisions?

Go ahead and let us know in the comments!

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