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Summary Big Brother Canada 12 episode 9

We knew that tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 episode would be the first chance we had to see Vivek’s nominations, and this was a situation that generated a lot of debate over the weekend.

After all, consider this: Bayleigh was suggested to be his target, and on one level, that makes sense. The two did have a shouting match last week, and that is enough to make him think that there is no way to repair any of the trust that has been broken there. However, at the same time you never quite know what the future is going to hold, especially in a season where two veterans could easily run the table. We think that Vivek should at least consider Anthony or Victoria, especially since Spicy Vee was originally going to take him out!

For most of the episode, it was pretty clear that Vivek wanted to nominate Bayleigh and Elijah, with “Goose” serving as the pawn for the week. This was the easiest road for him to take in that it was expected, and just about everyone would have his back. Dinis suggested that Tola be the initial nominee rather than Elijah, and to be wary of some of what Anthony is doing. Nominating Tola was a way to take out some of the support around Dougie and at this point, it could be a smart move.

When we actually got to the nominations at the end of the episode, Vivek started with the obvious choice in Bayleigh, who could not overcome the argument that happened. He then went with the safe route in putting up Elijah next to her. Alas, all of this feels like too conservative of a move for a guy who was a major target not that long in the past. He needed to play hard and shake up the game; instead, he’s played right into the hands of Anthony and Victoria.

What do you think about the latest nominations within Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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