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Recap BBCAN12!


Dougy and Spicy Vee plan on pulling in Matt/Vivek and 2 girls.

Matthew Wong and Dougy seem tight off the bat. Both share the same birthday.

Dougy to Spicy Vee "All I care about is bringing a weak player to the end so me and you are sitting in the final 2 chairs."

Spicy Vee wants Dougy to throw the HOH to her, 4 girls joined Spicy Vee's side after the competition.

Spicy Vee and Douglas are looking to target Dinis Freitas first. Douglas doesn't trust Avery, says she's a snitch

Dougy to Vivek "I'm telling you right now, all the girls are together."

Vivek "Donna and Kayla are tight for sure."

The girls formed a majority all girls alliance called the "Big Sisters". They have hand sign spelling "S" that they wanna bring into DRs

Vivek and Tola seem close. Vivek and Matt are very active game wise. Dougy and Spicy Vee are locked in Final 2

Tola and Vivek know 1 of the guys are being targeted this week as the all girls alliance takes control. Tola tells Vivek if he's targeted he'll fight for him.

Vivek tells Tola he has to work on getting close with at least 1 girl in order to break apart the majority girls alliance. Tola seems worried but Vivek tells him to relax and wait for the HOH competition result.

Both Tola and Vivek are in opposite groups.

Spicy Vee "I would bet my whole bank account that a girl is gonna win this season"

Dougy wins the first HOH competition.His side will be safe.

"Dane this for you baby, Adam this for you baby, Mark this for you baby, buck this for you baby,"

Spicy Vee "I'm gonna be in dougy's ear and make sure he puts up 2 guys. I want Tola gone."

Vivek tells Matthew Wong "You're my number 1 in this game."

Bayleigh "Vivek is gonna be a very underestimated player, he's very sweet, I like him."

All the girls pretty much want Tola gone. He is most likely at this moment to become the first evicted unless he wins the Power of Veto.

However, Douglas is the current HOH so he gets to choose the nominations.

Dougy to Vee "To be honest, I think I can be good with the girls, but in order for us to get to the end I need you to be good with the guys."

Spicy Vee to Dougy "Janine is trying to rally the girls, most of the girls don't trust Donna so I don't think its gonna work."

Spicy Vee "None of the girls like Tola because Janine said Tola said a lie to her about knowing the game of big brother."

She also said she really trusts Avery out of everyone.

Dougy "Out of the girls and the boys who are the 2 people on each side you trust the least."

Spicy Vee "Bayleigh and Janine/Vivek and Tola"

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