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Ranking Players Midseason BBCAN12!

We are less than a month away from the Big Brother Canada 12 finale. We have ten houseguests left, soon to become nine. We’ve seen enough of the game to assess these players’ abilities.

Based on what’s happened in the first five weeks, this is how they rank based on who is most to least likely to win the season. Let’s dig deeper into the final ten players’ games.

1. Victoria

Someone would have to expose every one of Victoria’s wheelings and dealings to hurt her chances of winning Big Brother. Anthony may be against her right now, but she’s too beloved by almost everyone else for him to truly destroy her game. He may try to lead the revolution against Victoria, but he doesn’t have enough game capital, at least not enough with most of the house. Even if Anthony picks up Elijah in the Victoria vs Anthony war, he still only has three allies versus her four.

Tola, Lexus, and Matt are maybe the only ones who would try to evict Victoria. I don’t even think Anthony would directly nominate her, even if she takes out Matt this week. Lexus might or might not try to target Victoria. She’s mad about Matt leaving, but would she really want to betray Hot Chocolate and all the women by targeting Victoria? That might be too risky for Lexus’s game.

Tola and Matt may attempt to take Victoria out, but I can’t see them having enough votes to succeed. Victoria is very much sitting pretty to win Big Brother Canada 12.

Anthony now seems completely against Victoria. However, I still don’t think he can do much to hurt her position. He could expose her playing both sides and their final two deal. However, since she has been working with the women all season, they will likely trust that she’s more loyal to them, especially if she takes out Matt this week. Evicting Matt could be the move to seal Victoria’s future as the winner of BBCAN12.

2. Kayla

Anthony and Matt may target Kayla soon. However, I doubt she goes yet. I can, however, see Kayla facing some trouble as they edge closer to the finale. Anthony and Victoria seemed worried about her game because she’s so liked and people want to work with her. Kayla is likable and adapts fast.

When Tola and Todd both stayed because of the Executive Veto, she quickly began working on her relationship with them. Kayla’s biggest issue is that people see how good she is in the game. This means that if she’s next to Victoria or Avery on the block, people may vote her out first. She seems more game-threatening than Avery, and Victoria is such a popular player. Anyone else on the block next to Kayla, I believe she stays.

Her second game problem is that she’s a little too scared to make big moves. Kayla also seems to care too much about the women’s opinion of her. This may prevent her from making the big moves when necessary. That will give others the chance to strike her before she strikes them. Victoria may be a blindspot in her game. If she takes out Victoria and Anthony, it’s her game to lose.

Kayla is playing one of the better games of Big Brother Canada 12. She’s socially strong, decent at competitions, and has a natural game awareness. If she can navigate her pitfalls, she’s probably Victoria’s biggest game adversary.

3. Avery

I would almost write Avery’s name in the final two chairs. I don’t see her being evicted any time soon. People just don’t feel threatened by Avery. This allows her to go far, but will it make her a game-winner? That’s Avery’s biggest struggle.

She has been in alliances all game and she’s well-liked. If Avery takes out Matt this week, that’s a resume move. Avery has all the right boxes checked to win Big Brother Canada 12, I am just not sure she gets credit for her positive game attributes. Victoria, Kayla, and Bayleigh had to push her to take out Matt. Therefore, I don’t think she’ll be rewarded for that move. If anything, targeting Matt probably hurts her more than helps her win the season.

Avery seems like the perfect final two-partner because she seems passive in the game. She’s been a good ally, but not a good independent player. However, sometimes you just need to make it to the end to win. If she’s in the finale with someone who burned their jury votes, she can easily win. Plus, people may decide they rather reward a new player with a win over a returning player. This could slightly give her an advantage in the finale over Victoria. Additionally, maybe her questions’ answers and speech could sway some votes.

4. Anthony

Anthony is hard to place because I believe he wins if he makes it to the end. I just don’t see a world where he gets near the final two. Anthony is probably gone in a double or triple eviction. He has too big of a target. Anthony might even find himself in danger next week. If Bayleigh or Todd wins Head of Household, he should prepare his campaign or rest up for the Veto competition.

Anthony is a big known threat. If he didn’t already have a reputation from Big Brother Canada 7, or if the players were dumber, he could go far. However, if Anthony wins more competitions, he may be able to make it to the end. His best shot is if he becomes a comp beast or his remaining allies win competitions for him.

Great players can always maneuver their way out of tough situations. Therefore, it’s not over yet for Anthony. It could also depend on how he redeems himself with the Big Sisters and Hot Chocolate. The women will likely vote as a unit, so they may influence who wins Big Brother Canada 12. Hotter Chocolate hasn’t completely abandoned Lexus and Anthony, but they are close to it. Therefore, Anthony needs to figure out how to make them want him in the game longer. If during the BBCAN12 finale, he’s next to Victoria, she wins. If he’s in the end with anyone else, he probably wins. However, Victoria and Anthony have been clashing a lot lately. Therefore, I don’t see a path with them both in the final two.

5 Tola

Tola is one of those interesting players because we don’t see that much of him on the Digital Dailies. I have no clue about his game. I know he’s playing a similar game to Todd. He’s downplaying his game intelligence. But unlike Todd, everyone knows Tola wants to win BBCAN12. That makes him a major threat. He has the perception that he would do anything to win the game.

Tola hasn’t won many competitions but he’s performed well in a few. His Veto win could become the catalyst to his Comp Beast era. He would fulfill the prophecy set forth by the houseguests. Tola hasn’t offended anyone and he’s capable of winning allies. If he survives to the final six, he could become a major winner threat. He also has a good argument on why he deserves to win the game. He just needs to start building a resume.

6. Lexus

Lexus has a similar problem as Avery. Outwardly, it doesn’t seem like she’s doing anything in the game. She seems more like a pawn for Matt, Hotter Chocolate, and Anthony than a true player. Her showmance has distracted her. Because she’s spent so much time with Matt, she’s almost forgotten about the game. His eviction could benefit her. It would force her to play, and like those before her, the removal of her showmance might make her a fierce player. Think Rachel Reilly-esque run. The major difference between Rachel and others fueled when they lost their showmance and Lexus is that we haven’t seen much passion for the game from her. This makes it hard to see her becoming a major game threat, but it could happen.

Lexus could win competitions and make big moves. She just needs to start showing that she’s playing and not here to make friends and showmance. Lexus has the potential and needs to tap into it.

7. Bayleigh

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh

Bayleigh could win Big Brother Canada 12 if she didn’t have a few factors against her. If Hot Chocolate doesn’t completely implode, they’re going to take out her before each other. If they do break up completely, then Bayleigh may reap the benefit of this. However, I still think Hot Chocolate will choose each other over her. Her best chance to win is to take Todd or Elijah to the end.

Bayleigh seems to be on borrowed time. I still think Lexus and Anthony may take out her or Todd before Avery, Kayla, or Victoria. If Big Sisters makes it to the end, Bayleigh is still likely the first player gone within that group.

8. Todd

Big Brother Canada 12-Todd

Surprisingly, Todd has woken up and been playing a decent game these last two weeks. Unfortunately for him, it may be a little too late. His game perception is that he’s a bit of an unaware player. He also made it seem like he doesn’t care about winning or the game. This means the houseguests may use him, but not take him seriously as a potential winner. He must work hard to convince the house that he deserves to win Big Brother Canada 12.

He would also need someone like Elijah sitting next to him on finale night to win Big Brother Canada 12. Most likely, Todd will be evicted in the next few weeks. I can see both sides sacrificing him when given the chance. They rather take him out instead of going directly against each other.

9. Matt

Big Brother Canada 12-Matt

Even if Matt survives this week, which doesn’t seem likely right now, someone will take him out. The women really want Matt out. He would have to win his way to the end. His comp-beast potential is why he’s so dangerous and likely going home this week. Matt has also not played the best social game.

He’s been distracted by his showmance. He’s also allowed Anthony to run his game too much. If Anthony and him are together at the end, he’ll be seen as a puppet to Anthony. I also think he wouldn’t win against Tola. Tola, Anthony, or Lexus are probably the only players to take him to the end. If Lexus and Matt end up together in the final two, it would probably be a toss-up right now. However, if one of them turns up their game, then that person would win between them.

10. Elijah

Big Brother Canada 12-Elijah

Elijah will likely stay this week, but he needs to do a lot to change his game perception. In the house, no one takes him seriously as a player. He’s disposable. Elijah would have to win competitions and make big moves. He’s also a player who would likely go if each side is too scared to go after the big players.

Elijah may benefit from being more of a middle player. Both sides may do what happened this week and see evicting him as a weak game move. They may go after each other before taking a strike at him. This allows him to slide to the end. Nevertheless, I can’t see him having a winning argument over any of the remaining players. He seems to be playing for second place at best.

Who do you think is playing the best BBCAN12 game? Who do you think will win the season?

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