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Predictions Week 3 Do you think Elijah or Dinis will be evicted tonight?

For the Big Brother Canada producers, the ability to control what we see and hear is the best thing about the Digital Dailies. They have finally effectively yielded that power. We have no clue about whether Dinis or Elijah will be evicted tonight. The latest Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies showed enough conversations to make things unclear. Avery was the biggest opposition to the vote flip. She worried about him being impossible to evict later if they didn’t take him out now.

However, she sang a different tune on the March 26 BBCAN12 Digitial Dailies. She was on board to keep him. She even wanted to blindside Anthony with Elijah’s eviction. However, Victoria and Kayla still didn’t want Dinis to stay because of the potential exposure of their roles in getting him on the block. Dinis did a lot of campaigning but the women said that his campaigning didn’t even really matter.

It was whether they wanted to take that risk. Bayleigh saw Dinis as a number for her, so if she voted him out, she needed reassurance from Anthony that his next target wasn’t any more of her allies. She has fought the hardest to keep Dinis (besides himself). There were a lot of group conversations with Big Sisters (minus Lexus) about potentially keeping Dinis. Eventually, Dinis gathered all the women (minus Lexus) to pitch. He later pitched to Lexus by herself.

He basically talked about his game and his plan to target Vivek as a revenge and game move. They also vaguely discussed the plan to evict Anthony. They agreed they needed to cut away at his allies to weaken him. In this meeting, Kayla and Victoria did preemptive damage control by mentioning they were part of conversations to get him on the block.

Victoria claimed it was because she thought she was one of Dinis’s targets. Dinis didn’t react much. He seemed understanding of how that could happen. Victoria warned Anthony that the women were considering a vote flip to save Dinis. We didn’t see these conversations but Anthony immediately went into damage control.

He warned Matt and Vivek that the women were considering a vote flip. In doing this, he started to plant seeds against Kayla and Bayleigh but protected Victoria and downplayed Avery’s game influence. Dinis and Vivek have an intense heart-to-heart. Dinis discussed the gravity of this betrayal on a game and personal level. He also declared war on him.

Additionally, Dinis blamed Vivek for Kayla using the Veto to save Bayleigh. This accusation shocked Vivek and he didn’t go into specifics, but said this wasn’t true. Because of the editing and how we didn’t see many important conversations if I had to guess, I think the vote is either still being decided or flipped to save Dinis.

If this is true, Matt, Anthony, and Vivek are in danger, Tola surprisingly might not be yet, but Kayla could face some backlash from this decision. Anthony and Victoria were already starting to worry about how good she was playing the game. Vivek will throw her under the bus if he is in danger next week.

However, Dinis is smart enough to not get distracted and go after Kayla, but this is something he will note for another time.If he wins HOH, his target is Vivek but a backdoor opportunity to get out Anthony has a big possibility.

Now whether it lands may depend on Victoria and her influence, but there is a good chance that the vote splits and Dinis sends him out, even over Vivek. Now if Dinis makes it to another week and Anthony or his close allies wins HOH, then Dinis could become the target again. This is the turning point vote.

If Dinis stays, the tides shift against the Anthony monarchy. If he goes, the status quo sticks, at least for another week.

Do you think Elijah or Dinis will be evicted tonight? Let us know in the comment section.

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