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Predictions Week 2. Tonight the second player will leave the game!

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 12, you are going to have a chance to see the latest eviction so is Donna leaving the game?

After watching the episode last night, we do have a better sense as to how she got himself in trouble in the first place. Some of it was her being seen with the wrong people, and also not having the self-awareness to know that Spicy Vee was watching her intensely. We still question the idea of saving Vivek and assuming that he will be 100% indebted to her but from a chaos perspective, this is fun! Who doesn’t love having a little bit of fun watching this show?

In today’s Digital Daily we got more assurances that Donna will probably be evicted, even if she did a pretty effective job of apologizing for her mistakes and campaigning. However, she is who the Hot Chocolate alliance wants out and for now, they are still running things. Spicy Vee may also be able to leave this week not being targeted right away, as Dinis seemed to be lined up by some as the next target. This is what happens when you win too much, too early!

At this point, our concern is that this season could be shaping up to be a pretty predictable returnee steamroll, largely because Spicy and Anthony do have people currently eating out of the palm of their hands. To us, the more exciting seasons are the ones where there is more adversity, which is why the Pretty Boys season, despite the impressive game dominance, was not that fun. Our hope is that we get a Vivek / Denis Head of Household, or even one where Bayleigh wins to cause some chaos. It feels like Victoria is trying to come across as remorseful over the Donna move, to some extent, so that nobody else gets mad at her. How much will that work?

For now, let’s just hope that there is a great eviction speech coming tonight from Donna, regardless of what happens.

Would you evict Donna or Elijah / Goose on Big Brother Canada tonight?

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