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Plot Against Anthony!

The day has finally come, the women begin plotting against Anthony. His game has been so dominant that it was just a matter of time before his target became too big to ignore. This week seems like a turning point in the game. It depends on who wins the upcoming Head of Household Competition, but Anthony may need to begin to worry. The Digitial Dailies posted on March 26 showcase a conversation between Bayleigh, Avery, Kayla, and Victoria.

The discussion mainly revolved around getting out Matt or Anthony this week. Matt seems to be the main target because of his relationship with Lexus. The other Big Sisters worry that Lexus and Matt’s developing showmance will continue to pull her away from them and closer to him. Eliminating him stops Lexus from having conflicting loyalty. It also ensures that she cannot betray Big Sisters for Matt. Victoria even told the women that Lexus gives Matt information and talks game with him, but she claims they never have game conversations.

They know Dinis will go after Anthony and that almost tempts them to keep him. However, they think the flip could be too catastrophic because of the potential of Tola, Matt, or Anthony winning the next Head of Household and going right after them. However, Tola may not have loyalty to Anthony. He spoke with Dinis and hinted that he may nominate Anthony if given the chance.

The Big Sisters plan to listen to Dinis’s pitch but still don’t plan to keep him, yet. Bayleigh, Avery, and Victoria also said they wouldn’t be afraid to go after Anthony. Victoria worries that the alumni would be pissed if she goes after Anthony, but she might be willing to risk it.

She noticed this week that he’s not completely loyal to her. He pushed back a little too much when Victoria and Avery presented the idea of getting out Matt because of the showmance. It showed her that he may be more focused on what’s best for his game and not the whole.

The women agreed they must take out Matt next week and believe they have the votes to do it, even without Dinis. They just need to ensure Todd’s loyalty to them, and that Lexus will vote with them. Bayleigh said that Anthony remains a main target for her. She just doesn’t want to make the move until she’s sure it will hit.

However, Victoria was pumping them up to go after Anthony as soon as next week. In a private conversation with Avery, they discussed a plan to nominate Tola and Matt, but backdoor Anthony if one of them wins the Veto. Victoria encouraged Avery to make this move and they would keep it a secret.

She reassured Avery that she wanted to go to the end with her. She even claimed that she doesn’t even care about winning. Victoria knows the win would mean more to Avery than to her. Later, Victoria and Anthony had a private conversation. She claimed she was pretending to spiral for optics with the women.

However, she twisted some of the conversation and made sure not to tell Anthony that they might go after him next week. But, Victoria did share that the women may want to go after Tola and Matt next week. He said that was fine but pushed for Tola to go instead of Matt. He also pushed for Todd to go next by saying he would go after the Hot Chocolate members.

Todd, however, confirmed to her before this conversation that he didn’t plan to go after the women. He just didn’t give any names. Dinis’s game may not be completely over because Bayleigh started pushing for him to stay. Kayla and Victoria seem to consider the idea as well. If Victoria agrees to keep him, the tides could change. Victoria has been annoyed with Elijah all week because of something he did with slop. I am assuming he picked her to be on slop all week. She believes his actions show her that he’s not loyal to her, so she has no problem taking him out.

Avery seems the most against keeping Dinis because she believes he may keep winning competitions and that may make him impossible to evict.

Anthony seems to suspect that Tola might be dangerous for his game. This is why he seems fine with taking out him next. However, Matt remains a major part of Anthony’s game. Even if the women don’t target Anthony next week, taking out Matt would hurt his game a lot. If the women stick to their plan, and one of them wins HOH and Veto, they’re making a major move against Anthony next week.

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