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Meet The New BBCAN12 Houseguests


Age 30

Hometown Hamilton, Ont.

Occupation Social Worker

Bring on the heat because Spicy Vee is back and ready to turn it up a notch! This BBCAN9 all-star is no stranger to a fiery social game and isn’t afraid of taking risks. This time around, with the help of a solid alliance, Victoria will snatch the crown and claim the throne.


Age 36

Hometown Richmond Hill, Ont.

Occupation Energy Compliance Supervisor

Houseguests beware – a pretty boy is in the building! Hailing from #BBCAN7, Anthony is a strong leader who will align with powerful players and use his brute strength to dominate competitions from start to finish. This all-star is back with vengeance and will stop at nothing to win Season 12.

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