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Tonight on Big Brother Canada 12, you are going to see the latest eviction show so are we at the end of the road for Dinis or Elijah?

The moment that the Veto Ceremony happened, it seemed as though Dinis was cooked in the game. Vivek blindsided him and based on what Spicy Vee and Anthony were saying, he stood no real chance.

However, in the aftermath of that things did start to evolve a little bit. Some of the women in the game in particular started to realize that Dinis could be a number for them, and that Anthony could end up becoming a target in the relatively near future. Of course, that could’ve just been the typical mid-week waffling and we didn’t want to read that much into it.

Because of all of this, we can’t say that we’re super-shocked by the way that things were revealed today. Based on a conversation between Anthony and Victoria on the latest Digital Daily, it’s clear that Dinis is probably going. He’s where her ultimate loyalty still lies, and in telling Anthony that the women in the house want to keep Dinis, she’s making them all easier targets for down the road. It remains truly insane how willing the newbies are to let the vets do whatever they want, and it’s another reminder of the clear advantage that they have coming in with a preexisting relationship.

Now that we’ve said that, the fault is with the newbies more so than production, especially this week since Vivek could have easily made a bigger move and decided not to. Victoria is already thinking more about future weeks, and while we aren’t ruling out a last-minute pitch by Dinis to save himself (he’s still trying), he is clearly facing an uphill battle.

What do you think is going to happen on Big Brother Canada 12 tonight?

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Movie: Bayleigh is planning to speak with Anthony to discuss how it benefits her game voting out Dinis... Avery is down to save Dinis

Movie: Spicy " We can't trust lexus " Spicy has backtracked and is planning to vote out Dinis tonight because it would backfire on her and Kayla

Movie:Anthony knows that bayleigh has been campaigning to save dinis.

Movie: Dinis speaks with Anthony

Movie: Anthony would be willing to talk game with Dinis if he stays this week.

Movie: Dinis has a block corner with the girls, talking about WHY he should be saved this week.

Movie: Dinis tells vivek he will be going home sooner than he thinks

Movie: It's RUTHLESS Dinis time

Movie: Dinis tells Vivek " I hope when I put you on the block its Strategic and not Vindictive

Movie: Dinis cuddles Vivek

Movie: Spicy tells anthony the girls are spiralling trying to save Dinis

Movie: Spicy does not like lexus this week, she's going off on her

Movie:Dinis chats to Spicy

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