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Double Eviction preview/today's Digital Daily!

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 12 you are going to have a chance to see a Double Eviction and of course, things are going to be rather messy.

Well, another Digital Daily of Avery campaigning, nothing new came from it, and she is still the houseguest due to be evicted later tonight! They're also still unaware that it's another double eviction this week, but I suspect by now they would know.

Avery talks to Canada, She think's tonight will be a double with a Battle Back into the house

Lex and Anthony say they can no longer trust spice. They are planning to Put Todd on the block and juggling between Spice and Bayleigh they feel they can trust Bayleigh more. Todd knows he'll likely be the next target. Lex and Anthony are still planning to vote out Avery tonight.

So what will happen tonight? We tend to think it is best to look at this in terms of who are the most likely to leave the game above all else.

First eviction Avery is almost certainly going to be evicted first. Every since Todd opted to not use the Veto, she was not exactly getting a lot of support from some other players in the game. Even Spicy did not want to stick her neck out for her, thinking that it would show Bayleigh where her loyalties lied and she didn’t want to risk that. Bayleigh did take a big risk in not pushing Todd more to use the Veto on her, but it seems like things are going to be okay.

Second eviction If the remaining players were smart, they’d band together and use this chance to get rid of Anthony or Spicy. However, we doubt that is going to happen at this point. Tola and Todd have both felt like easy targets for a while, and we certainly think that they could be in that spot here. Lexus could go as a means of chipping away numbers from Anthony.

The only real way we could see Anthony leaving the game is in the event Bayleigh ends up with power. While he seems to think that he’s roped her in and the two are close now, she’s been aware the whole time of how smart he is as a player and how he’s just trying to protect himself at every turn.

If you really want to see this Double as Anthony vs. Victoria, then the big storyline may just be who will have the numbers rallied more to their side at the end.

What do you most want to see moving into the Double Eviction on Big Brother Canada 12 tonight?

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Apr 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I would love to see ant and vee on the block. 🙏🏼 even more exciting is back door ant and he goes home ♥️


Apr 24

Put Anthony and Vee up and let the hgs decide who to send home. Isn’t that the game?

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