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If you watched the Sunday episode of Big Brother Canada 12, you know Anthony wants Victoria evicted this week. He realized that their final two deal didn’t benefit him anymore. He wants to go to the final four with Todd, Bayleigh, and Lexus. He started to make this dream a reality by throwing Victoria completely under the bus. He exposed many of their conversations, especially ones where she talked badly about the other players. Now all of the final five (minus Victoria herself) want her out.

Since Anthony started building the foundation to take out Victoria, he needed anyone but her to win the Power of Veto Competition. Unlike some Big Brother players, when Anthony sets his mind to a goal, he commits to it. Therefore, Victoria would go on the block if she didn’t win the Power of Veto Competition.


Today’s Digitial Dailies revealed exactly what happened at the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony. Things aren’t looking good for Spicy V.


Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Todd wins the Power of Veto Competition

BBCAN12 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition Results

Todd won the Veto!

BBCAN12 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Todd used the Veto to save himself. Anthony named Victoria as his replacement. Lexus and Victoria are on the block.

Once Todd won the Veto, it was over for Victoria’s game. Anthony continued to bury her to all the remaining players. Victoria didn’t help herself to seem trustworthy. Her noncommitment to keep Bayleigh showed Bayleigh that she was willing to vote her out. Todd has turned against Victoria to the point where she annoys him.

Anthony didn’t completely blindside Victoria. He let her know that he might nominate her because he couldn’t trust her. He claimed that he knows she has been soiling his game to others. Victoria pleaded to stay off the block She denied ever supporting the idea to nominate or target him. Victoria said she always planned for them to go to the end together.


Anthony being Anthony, just used anything she said against her and made sure to make not trusting her seem like the reason behind this move. He also made it seem like it was a new decision and not a plan from the start of the week.

Lexus and Victoria on the block

Victoria went off to be alone once she hit the block. Anthony then told the remaining three players how Victoria became aware she would be the replacement nominee. It’s not looking good for Victoria. Bayleigh and Todd control the votes and I don’t see either voting to keep her this week. Anthony successfully turned them completely against her.

But, Spicy isn’t a player to back down. I suspect she’ll take her time to be sad by this week’s event, but she’ll fight to stay in the game. It could be an interesting and spicy week.

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