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Anthony Attempts To Turn The House Against Victoria

Anthony and Victoria often say in the Diary Room that they plan to go to the final two together. However, their actions contradict this claim. Victoria throws Anthony under the bus, and he does the same to her, but this is a common practice with secret allies. They have never openly nominated or targeted each other until maybe this week? Victoria has been the Head of Household three times and had the Executive Veto power. She could have gotten rid of Anthony on multiple occasions. At one point, Victoria had the most power and influence in the game.

She has, however, been targeting his allies. She took out, in some way, all of his closest alliance members. Anthony kept Victoria safe with his alliance members for a while. However, Matt’s eviction was the turning point in the Victoria and Anthony relationship. He began to taint her name and call out her gameplay to other players.

Anthony even toyed with the idea of targeting Victoria last week during Tola’s Head of Household reign. He may have made the move if Todd didn’t win the Veto. Now Anthony is the Head of Household and it seems like he may finally strike at his final two.

He has spent the last few days completely throwing Victoria under the bus to everyone. He’s had three separate conversations where he exposed some of the things she said to him to Todd, Lexus, and Bayleigh. He also tried to protect Lexus from Bayleigh by lying a bit.

Bayleigh and Victoria want Lexus out this week, but Anthony has already said he doesn’t want her out (obviously). Anthony and Bayleigh’s conversation was the longest in today’s Digitial Daily. Anthony attempted to make Victoria look bad to Bayleigh. However, she wasn’t that receptive to it but Anthony persisted.

He is making it seem like Victoria is his target. He seems to want to nominate Bayleigh but doesn’t want her out. Bayleigh continued to fight against him nominating her. Therefore, it’s unclear if he plans to nominate Bayleigh, but it seems that Bayleigh and Todd will be his initial nominees. If he nominates Victoria, it will be after the Veto Competition.

We saw a few episodes ago that Anthony said he didn’t want to take out Victoria, but he wanted to start to lay the foundation to get her out eventually. I interpreted this as him not wanting to be the one to nominate her directly but wanting to make sure someone took Victoria out over him.

It seems like this week he’s trying to evict her. Since she’s his biggest win threat, it’s not a bad move from a game perspective. However, Victoria knows where the bodies are buried. Targeting her could send her on a burn Anthony’s game campaign in the main and the jury house.

It’s a risky move. Bayleigh warned Todd about what Anthony planned to do before he met with him. Therefore, Bayleigh seems to understand that Anthony wants to slander Victoria’s game to pull her closer to him and not have to stick with his final three deal with her and Victoria. It’s also a way to give him an excuse not to nominate Lexus this week. Bayleigh also hasn’t warned Victoria about Anthony’s anti-Victoria conversation. This is probably because nominations hadn’t happened yet.

I think she doesn’t want to make her eviction chances higher by warning Victoria about Anthony’s anti-Victoria campaign. However, if she makes it off the block or doesn’t go on the block, I suspect she tells Victoria everything.

It seems like Anthony’s ideal final three may include Bayleigh and Lexus because he believes both will take him to the end. I believe this is true for Lexus, but not Bayleigh. She knows he wins if he gets to the end. I can’t confidently say who Anthony plans to nominate, but I can assume it’ll be Bayleigh and Todd.

However, the Power of Veto Competition will show us if Anthony plans to target Victoria this week or is just trying to ensure no one picks her over him in the finals.

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