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Digital Dailies Ending Soon!

Big Brother Canada 12 has one week left before the grand finale. However, one of the major parts of it ends sooner than that. On social media, Big Brother Canada announced that the last Digital Daily will stream on Friday. We will get another one on Thursday. This means at least two more Digitial Dailies before the finale night. Thursday’s Digital Daily will likely show the events leading up to tonight’s eviction, and maybe who wins the final four Head of Household to secure their spot in the final three.

Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies coming to an end means that we will only likely know what happens Thursday in the house. This means the events from Friday to Wednesday will be a mystery. We are not shocked by this early Digitial Dailies conclusion because it seems likely based on everything else that BBCAN12 has done this season.

However, it is unfortunate because we will not know many critical details going into the Wednesday finale. This includes who wins the first and second part of the final Head of Household Competition. We may see who wins Part 1 on the Sunday episode, but it may focus on the BBCAN awards, the final four Head of Household Competition, and maybe that final Power of Veto Competition.

With the lack of Digitial Dailies for the next four days (though we’re only losing two Digital Daily days), we likely won’t have any spoilers to report. However, we have plenty of end-of-the-year content for those wanting to discuss the players, the game, and all things Big Brother Canada 12.

It’s almost over but there are still exciting developments to watch unfold.

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