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Digital Dailies and Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

The Big Brother Canada Digital Dailies have been off since Thursday. On April 2, a ton of them dropped. These critical Digital Dailies offer some exciting developments. We’ll breakdown some of the major turn of events and a potential blindside coming Wednesday later, for now, let’s focus on the Big Brother Canada 12 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony.

On Sunday’s episode, we saw Elijah nominate Tola and Todd. His targets were Tola or Bayleigh. He told Tola that Bayleigh was his backdoor target, which was partly true. He just gave Tola this information to set up a false sense of safety. He didn’t share with Todd his target could be Bayleigh because he didn’t want it leaking to her. He just told him that he had a big target in mind.

The Power of Veto Competition players were picked. This resulted in Anthony playing in another Veto Competition and Bayleigh potentially killing an opportunity to backdoor her by also playing in it. Lexus rounded out the players that also included nominees Tola and Todd.

BBCAN12 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Lexus did not use the Veto. Todd and Tola remain on the block.

Before the Veto Ceremony, Lexus and Elijah planned to use the Veto. Elijah wanted her to use it to save Todd. However, Lexus told Tola that she may use it on him. Matt and Anthony have been discussing keeping Tola and Matt is ready to draw the lines in the sand by not voting with the Directors. Matt was starting to distrust Avery and Kayla. So he had a conversation with Elijah implying that Avery and Kayla were untrustworthy members of The Directors, but Lexus, Anthony, and him were solid.

Planting seeds that if the alliance divides, then he should come to their side. Elijah picked up on the hints, and then took this information to Victoria, Avery, and Kayla because he felt closer with them. They discussed forming a separate alliance called it the Union. They also discussed potentially backdooring Matt, but Elijah didn’t feel comfortable making that move yet because it was too big. He would lose a lot of trust from Anthony and Lexus.

We didn’t see how this happened on the Digitial Dailies, but Lexus claimed that Bayleigh told her about Elijah’s plans to backdoor Matt. Therefore, she got worried that this was true. This scared her from using the Veto. Elijah and her decided it was best to just leave the nominations the same.

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