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Chaos A house flip coming??

After the Monday Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Daily drop, we were pretty darn angry at most of what we got. After all, Vivek decided to go the cowardly route as Head of Household, opting to nominate his own ally in Dinis after Kayla won the Power of Veto and removed Bayleigh.

Movie1:Spicy and Avery talk together about back dooring Anthony

It showed that this season, once again everyone is just doing whatever Anthony wants. This is what has made him such a dominant player in the past, and it could be happening again!

However, the big difference this season is that everyone knows just how good he is, and there is something pretty important that goes along with that. Namely, the ability to target him early.

Movie2:Avery We are on Big Brother Canada let's give them good TV

In the latest drop, there was a lot of Dinis campaigning, noting time and time again that Anthony was likely the person behind the move to nominate him — and also that he’ll be taking out some of the women before too long. He also has the ability to reiterate that Elijah Goose is just a super-pawn at this point in the game.

Movie3: The girls are talking about going after Anthony next week

Was this music to some of the women’s ears? It feels that way! There are a long of serious considerations being taken here. It definitely seems like Bayleigh is on board, and Victoria’s been mad at Elijah ever since he put her on slop after the Head of Household Competition. You do still need to be concerned about Avery and/or other members of Hot Chocolate who do have some ties to Anthony.

Movie4:The girls talk about not being able to trust vivek after what he did

Now that we’ve said this, it is worth noting that Victoria has not immediately run back a lot of information to Dougie about what’s being said in the house. She might eventually, though this could be something she just holds onto in the event that he wins Head of Household coming up.

Movie5: Avery is not happy they want to save Dinis this week

Do you think there is a reasonable chance Dinis stays within the Big Brother Canada 12 house?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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