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Big Brother Canada has completed its first week of gameplay.

We already saw Anthony and Victoria reenter the game, a new Head of Household, alliances begin to form, and players start to pick their targets. We’ve also seen excellent gameplay and some messy decisions already. If solely going by the Big Brother Canada 12 episodes, Vivek may seem like an inconsequential player so far. However, the Digital Dailies have showcased some of the vital ways he has been a major part of the BBCAN12 conversations.

Vivek is a fascinating player, so he seems like the perfect person to spotlight this week This is a new segment we will test out during Big Brother Canada 12. Because the Digital Dailies have limited so much of what we can see of the gameplay, it’s hard to say who exactly is playing the best and worst game each week.

Therefore, we want to highlight certain players’ games instead and discuss the interesting parts of them. These players aren’t necessarily playing the worst or best game, but the ones that are standing out during that week. Vivek is that player this week.

It’s only been about ten days in the Big Brother Canada 12 house and it’s clear that the women are playing much harder than the men. This doesn’t mean the men are sleeping while the women play. It just means that the women have kicked things more into motion. Additionally, some male players are going just as hard as the women in the game.

Digital Dailies: Big Brother Canada 12 Vivek and Anthony

Anthony is one of the men who’s been very active ever since stepping back into the game. Vivek also seems like a pretty active player. Anthony originally saw Vivek as a potential sheep to follow his game advice and become a new soldier for him. Victoria wasn’t so sure.

She was right. Vivek was one of the few players that we saw actively questioning Anthony as a player. Matt dismissed the idea of targeting Anthony yet, but at least Vivek seems to see Anthony’s threat level. The Digital Dailies didn’t show how this happened but Anthony figured out that Vivek is a threat to his game.

The only problem is that Vivek is on Anthony’s team. Therefore, they cannot target each other yet. I suspect that the teams will last for at least one more week. But, it wouldn’t surprise me if they end after the first eviction. This allows Anthony and Vivek to strike against each other. Currently, Vivek and Anthony are trying to play the other.

Vivek wants it to seem like he’s team Anthony, but he has been planting seeds of doubts in the other’s heads about him. After the house became aware that Janine was Anthony’s target. Vivek fueled the flame of people being upset about the decision. He kept questioning why Anthony would do this, and then even brought up the fact that he had a girlfriend but seemed to flirt with Donna.

Big Brother Canada 12-Vivek, Bayleigh, and Todd

Later, Vivek gave Anthony intel that made it seem like he was on Anthony’s side. However, Anthony didn’t trust him. He even watched Vivek on the HOH camera and saw him immediately go to Bayleigh, and likely warn her or talk negatively about Anthony. The clash between Anthony and Vivek is that both seemingly want to believe they’re masterminds and the other isn’t allowing it.

They’re trying to outplay each other. Vivek is even already working on forming alliances and positioning himself better in the game, as he should. He’s doing a good job of increasing his popularity in the game. When the women gain power and go after the men, he may be spared for a while…unless Anthony can wield enough power to make him become a target.

Vivek is seemingly playing a good game with everyone but Anthony and Victoria. He’s well-liked and seems more strategic than some of the other players. However, the downfall of his game could be Anthony, and vice-versa. He also seems to believe that Vivek believes he understands and knows the game better than he might actually know it.

As outgoing Head of Household, Anthony is ineligible to win the upcoming Head of Household Competition. However, if he has any influence, he will likely try to evict Vivek next week. But, Vivek has been doing well at forming bonds and making sure people want him in the game.

Big Brother Canada 12: Donna and Vivek

Victoria and Anthony even spoke about trying to figure out a way to separate Matt and Vivek, because they need to make sure Matt is on their side and they don’t face backlash for getting rid of Vivek. He is definitely a player to watch because he could be the biggest opposition to Anthony and his gameplay is a bit chaotic. This could be chaotic in a way that wins or costs him the game.

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