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BBCAN12 Week 7 Nominations!

BBCAN12 Week 7 Nominations

Avery nominates Todd and Tola for eviction.

Kayla tells Lexus that she’s worried that Bayleigh knows about Hot Chocolate because she walked into a meeting with them. She says they need to consider her if Tola or Todd comes off the block. Lexus agrees because she wants the other girls to lose their safety net like she lost Matt. Meanwhile, Avery just wants nominations to stay the same and an easy week.

Lexus, Bayleigh, and Kayla are selected to play in the Power of Veto Competition with Todd and Tola. Bayleigh says that she will use the Veto to save Todd if she wins. Todd also tells her that Lexus was on board to evict Avery. She wants to tell Victoria because this could possibly get out Lexus instead of Todd.

Victoria now wants to backdoor Lexus. She warns Avery that Lexus agreed to get her out. Avery, Baylegh, and Victoria discuss possibly getting out Lexus this week.

Victoria discusses with Anthony that they can’t win the game if they go all the way with Hot Chocolate. She tells him that Lexus might be going this week. Anthony doesn’t want to let Lexus go home because he knows if it gets to the final four with Hot Chocolate, Lexus will pick him over the other three.

He has to act fast to get Victoria to want another target. Kayla told Anthony what Elijah told her about Victoria being good with everyone. He tricks Victoria by playing on her being selfish and impulsive in the game.

Anthony tells her what Kayla told him about what Elijah said. She is annoyed because she asked Kayla to tell her but she didn’t. This makes Victoria want Kayla out now instead.

We have to tune in tomorrow to see who wins the Power of Veto Competition and who ends up on the block this week. Then the next eviction happens.

Join us tomorrow for another Big Brother Canada 12 recap. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) for all things BBCAN12.

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