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BBCAN12 Week 7 Head of Household Results

BBCAN12 Week 7 Head of Household Results

We’ll we get the start of the next HOH Competition during this episode?

For the Head of Household, houseguests must face off head to head in puzzles. After each round, the winner picks two players to face off against next.

Round 1: Tola vs Todd- Todd wins.

Round 2: Avery vs Kayla – Avery wins.

Round 3: Todd vs Anthony – Anthony wins.

Round 4: Bayleigh vs Avery – Avery wins

Round 5: Anthony vs Lexus – Lexus wins (Anthony throws it to her)

Final Round: Lexus vs Avery – Avery

Avery is the Head of Household!

Todd rants to Lexus that Kayla or Avery are going to win the game. He thinks it will be Avery. He thought they should have talked about it more. He thinks they had the votes to evict Avery and missed a shot.

Avery took Bayleigh to the Wendy’s date. Avery’s twin sister delivers her Wendy’s food. Avery tells Bayleigh she plans to nominate Tola and Todd. She doesn’t care who goes, but Bayleigh thinks they should get rid of “a bigger fish.”

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