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BBCAN12 Week 5 Nominations!

Who finds themselves on the block.

During the party, Victoria and Avery have a game talk. They decide not to put up Matt. She keeps Elijah as her target but plans to nominate Tola. She tells Tola her intentions for this week. Victoria says Anthony is still her number one. They just need to get on the same page. They discuss this week’s nomination and the upcoming weeks. Anthony says his guard is up now that she did with the Executive Veto. He says he sees her game. He isn’t mad about it but will get even.

Avery tells Elijah that he’s going on the block. He doesn’t realize that he’s the target.

Avery nominates Elijah and Tola for eviction.

Avery uses her speech to make Elijah know that he’s the target.

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