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BBCAN12 Week 4 Eviction

BBCAN12 Week 4 Eviction

Vivek is evicted 8-0.

Anthony votes to evict Vivek.

Avery votes to evict Vivek.

Bayleigh votes to evict Vivek.

Kayla votes to evict Vivek.

Lexus votes to evict Vivek.

Matt votes to evict Vivek.

Victoria votes to evict Vivek.

Todd votes to evict Vivek.

Victoria gets the Executive Veto.

Victoria gets the chance to save one of Elijah’s nominees. The nominee she saves then picks their replacement. Victoria tells both Tola and Todd to pick Vivek to go on the block. She then confirms the choice of Vivek with Anthony.

Tola mentions putting up Bayleigh. Anthony tells her to pull down Tola, but Bayleigh tells her to save Todd because he will target Bayleigh. Vivek starts to worry. Meanwhile, Matt tells Anthony that he thinks Tola will lie and still put up Bayleigh. There is a lot of back and forth in a panic.

Victoria uses the Veto on Todd. He names Vivek as the replacement. Tola and Vivek are on the block.

Vivek then scrambles to get the votes. He knows he’s in danger and no one will commit to voting to keep him. Matt also questions if Victoria is really with them (with Victoria and Anthony) because she didn’t make the move for the group. Vivek and Tola make their pleas to stay in the house.

They anonymously vote to evict in front of everyone at a station. They have to reveal the votes face-to-face.

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