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BBCAN12 Week 1 Head of Household Results

BBCAN12 Week 1 Head of Household Results

Anthony Won HOH.

Based on various conversations, it appears the Head of Household Competition involved each Team Captain consulting their team for answers. The HOH was given a set of questions that answers were based on what his or her team decided. An example of the questions asked was: “Who is the most annoying houseguest?” Each team had to then pick someone from their team to match this answer. The Head of Household had to try to correctly identify their team’s answer and do it in the fastest time.

Anthony beats Victoria, but it seems like he won because of his speed and not from answering more questions correctly than her. Tola and Donna were popular answers amongst their team. Donna took it lightly but it seems like Tola was slightly offended by him being the answers to some of the questions.

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