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BBCAN12 Movie Night Massacre Summary!

Big Brother Canada has been trying to keep viewers in the dark about the Movie Night Massacre. They haven’t uploaded Digitial Dailies for multiple days. We haven’t seen a new one since Thursday. They also left Sunday’s episode with a major “to be continued.” We all expected to find out who left on that episode. They wanted to surprise the viewers with the Movie Night Massacre victim. Well, someone on the Big Brother Canada 12 team made a major blunder.

They uploaded an image to the official site that showed who left during the Movie Night Massacre. They not only leaked who left, but they uploaded an entire article talking about it and an interview with the evicted player. We’re sure Big Brother Canada will realize their mistake, but we have the receipts.

BBCAN12 Movie Night Massacre Results

Elijah was evicted.

The article also reveals that as expected, Elijah becomes the first member of the jury. Elijah talked about the Movie Night Massacre twist hurting his game. He felt that he wouldn’t have been nominated if he didn’t lose his vote. He believed that they could have just nominated Tola and evicted him. He thought they could have the votes to tie it, and then Victoria broke the tie to send home Tola and save Avery.

He knew Victoria wanted to keep Avery safe and getting him out was the easiest way to ensure it. He also realizes that Victoria is playing the best game.

Elijah’s interview doesn’t reveal anything else, but it reveals enough about tonight’s episode. We still may also see who won the next Head of Household Competition on this episode. This will likely make it worth watching. Either way, we’ll have a full recap of it tonight.

It’s very ironic (and very humorous) that Big Brother Canada went the extra mile to keep the eviction unspoiled to only spoil it themselves.

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