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As you prepare for the Big Brother Canada 12 premiere Tuesday, March 5th  7PM ET, go ahead and know this: You will be seeing familiar faces!

A group of 12 new players who are going to be entering the game this is of course a diverse bunch from multiple different provinces. They also indicated that there are two mystery All-Stars who will be coming into the fold, as well.

Why only two? Well, that’s a hard question to answer, but we tend to think that the show wanted some sort of returnee presence since it’s been a good while since we have had that within the game. We know that there was some speculation / hopes that we’d have a full All-Star season this time around, but that hasn’t happened. We do tend to think that one of the reasons the show likes casting newbies is that you have an opportunity to bring in more new viewers, even if we’re just talking about the friends and family of some of the people who are on the show.

Of course, we want to see entertaining returning players for one simple reason! To encourage everyone else to play hard! This is something that we always think is important to a season, especially early on when you have a lot of people who don’t really know what they are doing.

If the newbies are smart, they will do whatever they can to take some of the returnees out. However, we know from watching these shows over the years that they often convince themselves that the veterans can help them or, they just get a little starstruck to play with some of these people who they have seen on reality TV over the years.

What do you think about the two mystery All-Stars who are coming on board Big Brother Canada 12?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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